Our vision for educational stakeholders.

Educational stakeholders and at the same time EOSFIN Coin target customers are: Classic educational institutions, e-learning providers / platforms and independent educational / e-learning advisors and corporate e-learning decision-makers.

EOSFIN Coin wants them all to understand its state-of-the-art educational business approach and how they can benefit from its cost-lowering, time-saving and fraud-protected smart solutions.

We build the technology that will revolutionize the education industry as a whole. The vision is the groundbreaking disruption of the dusty and outdated education system and its certification and approval process.

Initial products and use cases.

Issuance of educational documents on the EOS Blockchain. Validation and re-validation of new and existing documents with integrated optical recognition software.

Users pay with EOSFIN Coin on e-learning platforms for courses and other content they have passed or consumed. EOSFIN Coin integrated payment.Users obtain valid, encrypted and unique certificates via EOSFIN Coin smart contracts in just one process.

Students can see and manage their academic development or the whole career in their EOSFIN Coin based smart contract (online and/or stored on a secure device) that was provided by their university at the beginning of their studies.


EOSFIN World's First Decentralized Education Platform


Crypto Marketplace

EOSFIN Crypto Marketplace is the innovative online market that uses the Blockchain services, allowing people throughout the world to buy and sell any article both at a professional level or privately.


EOSFIN -E-Learning

Education is key and we are proud to sustainably contribute to a better and more affordable future of education by transforming it with the state-of-the-art blockchain technology.


EOSFIN - Healthcare

EOSFIN is a blockchain-based project designed to improve a fragmented healthcare system, where we know we can make a significant difference for the better, by tackling just one truly important issue – the need of prompt, affordable, and reliable consultation about a patient’s condition from a physician or a specialist of their choosing.


EOSFIN – Real Estate

INNOVATIVE REAL ESTATE MARKETPLACE BASED ON BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY : The Real Estate Market needs more transparency, accessibility and liquidity to grow. To achieve this everyone needs the opportunity to invest in high value assets”

Token Properties

Join the industry leaders to discuss where the markets are heading. We accept token payments.

ICO Start Date Total Alloted Coin Supply Offer Price
March 15th 2019 to March 31th 2019 5,00,000 40% off
April 1st 2019 to April 15th 2019 5,00,000 30% off
April 16th 2019 to May 5th 2019 10,00,000 25% off
6 Mayth 2019 to 10 June th 2019 25,00,000 20% off
June 11th 2019 to July 10th 2019 25,00,000 10% off
Token ICO Price - $ 0.50
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    Utility Token using a Smart Contract with EOS Blockchain Platform.

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Road Map

Development of EOSFIN Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context

ICO is primarily a means of funding for the expansion and improvement of EOSFIN's current services, as well as for the creation of the new platform. And through the blockchain that verifies authenticity of all transaction, users can be fairly and transparently compensated for their contribution to the platform's growth.

Continuous development of Ethereum – The establishment of the Ethereum alliance, which is composed of more than 200+ member companies are capitalizing development resources to solve real-world problems using the world’s only smart-contract supporting Blockchain.

Liquidity – Ethereum is the 2nd largest Blockchain network in the world. Every token built on the Blockchain demands for Ether and liquidity to the network.

Scalability – The founder of the Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin along with his team working together to implement “Casper” that aims to make transactions more efficient.

Like EOS Software, EOSFIN offers an operating system-like blockchain construct upon which decentralized applications can be built. In purely technical terms, there is relatively little difference between the two Blockchain. Investors from different geographical locations are able to join the project.
The EOSFINco coin is the main objective of the EOSFINco ecosystem and a speculative crypto coin that is issued on the EOS blockchain protocol. It will be advanced over the world and conducted on major investment and trading. As such, the EOSFINco coin will be a new type of digital currency will be an intermediate between the Digital Worlds.
The EOS blockchain will allow you to create an account name that is 2 to 32 characters in length and will include account recovery functionality.
There are no miners in this consensus model, only block producers who produce 21 blocks (one each per round) in a 21 block/round setup. Within each round, the order of block producers is randomized. Block producers are rewarded by the creation of new EOS tokens. The software will award new tokens to a block producer every time a block is produced. In these circumstances, the number of tokens created is determined by the median of the desired pay published by all block producers.

They can be profitable to the token owners through appreciation of the token price over time, and as more sophisticated ICOs are introduced, some will include equity style ownership of the company; some will provide dividend payments and profit sharing.

The companies themselves and token owners can also be profitable from earnings generated by active use of a vibrant Blockchain network where payments are made for services.

EOSFINco solves the problems with penetration of virtual currency into a conventional world in terms of trading and exchanging to a Fiat Currency. We will try to improve EOSFINco system in daily life so as to permit payment for products and services using our apps and possibly EOSFINco payment debit cards.

EOSFIN Education
EOSFIN will utilize its Education Arm, to develop such a platform for students crossing international borders for better educational opportunities is at an all-time high and Online Education is spreading its wings at an amazing pace.

The real incentives will be tied to the discounts offered on sale of study material, sale of books, sale of educational software, enrolment in Online Courses, fee for international exams that will be conducted by EOSFIN Coin.

EOSFIN Healthcare
Using blockchain technology has a potential to efficiently address majority of the abovementioned obstacles. EOSFIN Healthcare Platform can and will help close the gap in physician access, globally.

EOSFIN Realestate
A decentralized Blockchain based Peer to Peer transaction platform that makes property Management companies & Real-Estate Industries projects more accessible, transparent, cheaper and seamless on a global scale.

Yes, it is safe. But you have to make sure that you have done sound research before investing. If we talk about EOSFIN’s ICO rating and voting will give you a better idea that whether particular ICO is worth investing or not. We list the ICO after in-depth research that not only worth investing but also ensures the best return on investment.
Well, EOSFIN provide a hassle-free platform; thereby users can join, invest and participate in EOSFIN seamlessly. Here notable thing is that everyone eligible for join from our website http://EOSFINco.io
A common similarity among all ICOs is the issuance of new token in exchange for money, for another Cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin, ETH etc).
You can access an EOSFIN with your EOSFIN private key. You will need to have private key in order to access to an EOSFIN account.
To participate in the EOSFIN token distribution, you need to send ETH from an Ethereum compatible wallet to the Ethereum EOSFIN Token distribution smart contract.
The best thing you can do is drop us a line via the contact form below. We’ll get back to you shortly to talk about the best way forward for your business.
Yes, you can find the source code on GitHub. There is also a public testnet already launched.
If you plan to solicit U.S. investors, there may be limits due to your security filings with the SEC. Otherwise, there are no limits on the amount of money that you can raise.
An exchange is a platform on which one Cryptocurrency or token can be sold or bought for another Cryptocurrency or token at current price. Some of exchanges allow buying or selling cryptocurrencies using fiat money (USD, EUR, RUB, etc).
Other than being held for later use on the platform, EOSFIN can be used to get a monthly token emission, distributed to all the token holders in accordance with the token emission plan.

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